The Twitter Sentiment Analysis Service for Airlines provides a determination of public sentiment about an airline service, product and/or brand. This public opinion insight is a basis for establishing marketing, product and service actions.

  • Volume of tweets over time

  • Helps determine significant events as they unfold and spread

  • May 18: "United reuses 9/11 flight numbers 93 and 175"

  • May 20: "United ad across from Ground Zero – 'You're going to like where we land'"

The above graph shows twitter frequency trend by sentiment from May 13 to May 27 for United Airlines. Hovering over the data points provides the details of twitter volume and social reach. Clicking on any of the data points provides drill down to the actual tweets. The following graph depicts the corresponding social reach trend for the same calendar period. This helps determine the impact of a topic or event on your public image.

  • May 18 message: "United reuses 9/11 flight numbers 93 and 175" reaches almost 12.5 million people that day!

  • May 20 message: "This week in bad ideas – United Airlines posts a 'You're going to like where we land' ad across from Ground Zero" is more negative, but has a lower social reach of 2.9 million people

The hierarchy of top topics is provided as a total for the period or as either positive, neutral or negative sentiment groups. The most active and most influential twitter users are identified and drill through to the tweets of specific users as well as to the actual twitter accounts are provided, making direct engagement with these users quick and easy.

  • Top influencers

  • Provides insight into who is spreading which messages and who has the biggest impact on your online social image

  • May 18 message: "United reuses 9/11 flight numbers 93 and 175" was picked up by several major news networks with large amounts of followers

The following two graphs show twitter frequency and social reach comparisons of six airlines for the period of May 13 to May 27. Hovering over the sentiment portion of any bar provides the frequency and social reach detail. Click on the sentiment portion and there is drill down to the specific tweets.

  • Benchmarking of volume and reach compared to a set of closest competitors

  • Provides valuable insight into public opinion about competitors and actionable competitive intelligence

  • This analysis reveals the significant advantage of Jetblue in terms of their social reach

  • While both, United and Jetblue, have similar tweet volume during the sample time period, Jetblue's audience is about 4x the size of United's.

Benchmarking data can be analysed in absolute numbers or as a percentage.

  • Positive messages about Jetblue reached 31.5 million people

  • Compared to positive messages about United, which reached only 866,562 people during the same time period.

  • That is a factor of 36x in positive social reach!

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