Bi3 Solutions' Applications are delivered over the internet as a service. In contrast to a software perpetual license with price based on either number of named users or processing capacity plus an annual maintenance fee, Bi3 Applications are priced as a subscription license for unlimited users. Advantages of this Applications-as-a-Service model are compelling:

  • Low Upfront Cost:
    • No capital is required for hardware or software and there are no ongoing personnel expenses required to support the application technology infrastructure.
    • Significant elapsed time is saved by avoiding a procurement process.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
    • IDOC Applications provide compelling Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings of up to 80% through the elimination of costs associated with hardware, software and systems integration.
  • Fast Time-to-Value No physical assets to procure.
    • Achieve business value in days, not months.
    • Application subscription is for unlimited users, facilitating wide-scale deployment in the enterprise.