A Bi3 Solutions Intelligent Capture Application is usually the downstream business flow after OCR processing of a document or form. The scanned image is provided as an electronic text document (TXT, RTF, or DOC file format). The electronic text version is used for textual processing. Extracted data fields are used in the IDOC application to drive workflow and routing, and for reporting and analysis purposes.

Client inquiries are typically received in the form of either e-mails or letters. Textual extraction enables categorizing the inquiry and identification of the topic.

Based on the result of the inquiry categorization, the IDOC application will:

  • Determine the routing for the request
  • Provide additional data or information that is pertinent to the inquiry topic or type
  • Provide aggregate inquiry trend analysis

The IDOC application facilitates the human centric decision workflow that is triggered when an exception occurs during processing. The workflow will be routed to different participants of the process based on the type/nature of the inquiry from the client pertaining to a particular situation.